1-on-1 Virtual Makeup Lesson, 2hr $150
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Makeup routine got you stuck in a rut? Are you completely confused on how to use certain products or if they are even right for you? Or maybe you have some beauty products but need to fill in the gaps with something new? 


How many times have you purchased a beauty product only to get it home and it's not the right color, texture or shade? Are you confused by the endless makeup brands that fill Sephora and Ulta? How much money have you wasted over the years on the wrong thing?

Let's be honest, Youtube is not the right place to be learning how to do makeup, because its not customized to your skin tone, eye shape or skin type. And guess what? The staff at stores like Sephora and Ulta usually aren't trained Makeup Artist, but they are trained on how to push specific "products of the day" that may not even be what you need. They are all about reaching their sales goals during their shift without considering your real issues. 

Listen, If you have same blush in your makeup bag that you bought for prom 10 years ago,

this class is for YOU!!! 

In Beauty Bag Makeover, our most popular virtual class, I will teach you how to use the products you have and fill in the gaps with what you need. This is a 1-on-1 virtual makeup lesson customized just for YOU and your NEEDS. We are taking it back to the basics to find out whats in your bag, what's working for you and what's gotta go. Let me help you get started on your BEAUTY JOURNEY!

I HIGHLY recommend taking this class first before moving on to any other lessons. That way we can get you started on the basics (the product and techniques) before moving forward. 


During Beauty Bag Makeover we will:
  • Choose the proper skin care for your skin type

  • Choose the correct textures for your skin type

  • Choose correct colors for a classic, every day look

  • Choose the correct tools for your makeup needs

  • Learn and understand how to look for product expiration dates

  • Get rid of any expired products and/or any that aren't meeting your needs

  • Recommend replacement items for any purged products

  • Learn about the brushes and tools you need to master your makeup

After Makeup Bag Makeover you will receive:
  • ​A link to our recorded class for future reference

  • Links to products I recommended for you, to make shopping easier