Limbo | Hollywood, CA

In 2015 I did makeup and hair on a short film called "Limbo" based on the graphic novella by Marian Churchland. This amazing adaptation was directed, written, and produced by Will Blank and stars HBO's Raul Castillo, Anahi Bustillos, and Sam Elliott. In June Limbo took home the Cinema Gear Expo's top prize of best Independent Short Film. This week both Variety and Indie Wire have featured articles on the short and today it was launched online for viewers around the world! And with a shoot out from Guillermo Del Toro, all the world should be excited about Limbo! I am so honored to have been a part of this cool short film. The cast and crew were amazing and you couldn't ask for a better leader

First Aid Beauty | Why I Love It!

One morning in March 2017 I woke up and it felt like my face was on fire. It was raw and itchy and had little red bumps all over it. I had no idea what happened. It was like there wasn't enough moisturizer in the world to sooth my skin. As the day progressed it got worse. I could not stop itching. This continued on for about a week. I spoke with a friend who knows a lot about skin and she asked me what my daily routine was. Honestly its pretty basic, wash and moisturize, plus exfoliating 2-3 times a week and a mask once a week. What I didn't realize, was the products I was using every day to clean my skin were actually stripping my skin of all its natural oils. I was shocked! This product, r

Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer | Friday Favorites

This is my newest Friday Favorite makeup obsession! The Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer. It has just the right amount of bronze pigment to give you a natural glow. Add a dab to your liquid foundation or moisturizer to give you a pop of natural sunlight. Or use a beauty blender to put directly on the skin. Trust me when I say it's perfect for that sun kissed effect! I've been using it on brides and myself! It's perfection!

Skyler Elizabeth | Los Osos, CA

To say that I love my job is truly an understatement. I get to play with makeup, work with amazingly talented people, and share my gift with the world! There is nothing better than that! For this shoot we made the trek over to Montana De Oro in Los Osos CA and found the most beautiful sand dune to play on. We collaborated with BlackWater in San Luis Obispo, who provided us with the most beautiful clothing. This photo shoot was about having fun and feeling inspired! Each look had a unique vibe, and I think we achieved something fabulous! I wanted to keep the eyes simple to start off. The first look had a dewy natural feel to go along with the long flowing hair and vibrant kimono. Skyler has