How To Know When Your Makeup Expires

Still using that blush you bought for your senior prom 8 years ago? Although it might be the perfect shade of pink for your skin tone, it could be causing breakouts and bacteria growth. Gross! So how do you know when you should stop using your beauty products and toss them? There are two general rules to follow. 1. Locate the Period-After-Opening symbol- or PAO- on your product. This symbol will have a number and a letter on it. Something that says 6m mean 6 months. One that says 36m means 3 years. It will always indicate the time period by months. This is the period of time it is good AFTER you open it, not based on the purchase date. 2. The more moisture in the product and the closer it co

Three Things I Learned at IMATS LA

This was my first time attending IMATS and I was so excited to get the chance to meet incredible people and also learn from Pro Artists that I love. The conference is jam packed for 3 days- you can attend the first “Pro” day if you have a Makeup Artist Magazine Pro Card, which I do- with people from all over the world checking out the newest products and making contacts. My first big “aha!” moment came during the first class I attended led by Celebrity Artist and MAC Cosmetics Ambassador, Gregory Arlt. He is all about keeping things simple when working on skin for the red carpet. He does not contour because on the red carpet celebrities are not photographed from head on. It’s from all diffe