Three Things I Learned at IMATS LA

This was my first time attending IMATS and I was so excited to get the chance to meet incredible people and also learn from Pro Artists that I love. The conference is jam packed for 3 days- you can attend the first “Pro” day if you have a Makeup Artist Magazine Pro Card, which I do- with people from all over the world checking out the newest products and making contacts.

My first big “aha!” moment came during the first class I attended led by Celebrity Artist and MAC Cosmetics Ambassador, Gregory Arlt. He is all about keeping things simple when working on skin for the red carpet. He does not contour because on the red carpet celebrities are not photographed from head on. It’s from all different angles and you don’t want to see a stripe of brown going down the face. He also revealed that he always spends most of his time on skin and starts it first. The example he used was if he was getting someone ready for an appearance on Ellen Degenerous and all of a sudden they need her on set ASAP, at least her skin would look fabulous and she could throw on some gloss and mascara real quick. People would say she went for a “natural look during the interview.” But if you do a crazy cool smoky eye first and then they need her and her skin is not done and looks blotchy or just not even, people would say she looked wack under all of those lights! Skin is key!

My second big learning moment was on day 2 of IMATS. I came rushing in because the parking structure was full and I was late. The one person I was most excited to see do a demo was Jordan Liberty who was representing NYX Cosmetics as a Brand Ambassador. I follow him on insta and I love his beautiful creations and honesty about what this industry is truly like. This was the class I was almost late for! I came in with wide eyes and took the first seat I saw, which was actually in the front row. Jordan came out and was delightful. He did a two look demo and even photographed it on stage for us to see his process. He was open to questions from the beginning and I found it strange that no one was asking him anything. I was bursting with questions! So my hand shot up and I took the mic. Through my willingness to actually ask questions that were important to me I learned so much! I found out how he selects his models, what kind of lighting and lens he uses for photography and even to not powder under the eyes during photo shoots because it will be hard to buff out any fine lines later. Genius! After the show I stood in line to thank him and say hello. To my surprise he thanked ME for asking questions and being eager to learn. He said he wanted a photo with ME and even posted it on his insta stories. My day was made! And all because I didn’t care what people thought around me. I was there to learn and nothing was going to stop that.

I think the most important thing I learned and was reminded of was from Ashley Fierro on day 3. Ashley is someone that I have admired for a long time because of her business savvy and beautiful creations. She taught a class on “Breaking Through Roadblocks to Take Your Business to the Next Level.” I was pumped for this one! Some key things she touched one were making sure you have a consistent brand. Not just a logo, but I brand. She asked who are you as a Makeup Artist? How do you want your clients to feel? Why are you different from your completion? So many great questions to evaluate how your business is functioning in this industry. She also spoke on the importance of relationship building. Not just meeting people, but communicating on a smart level to continue the relationship further. So smart! I walked away inspired and feeling like I was ready to take on the world!

I think it is so important to continue educating yourself not matter what field you work in. Don’t think that since you have been doing something for a long time that you know everything. You never know where new knowledge will come from! Be brave and ask questions, and be prepared for new answers that will inspire you!

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