When I set up my kit to work on a client it never fails that people come over and look at what I am putting out. They want to know the secrets of what pro artist's use. And I get it, I do the exact same thing with my pro colleagues!

But 9 times out of 10, the biggest surprise is the mascara. The mascara you use can make a HUGE difference in your look. It can transform you from girl next door to red carpet ready.

My go to mascara is the Loreal Voluminous Hydrofuge in Carbon Black. Not only is this mascara waterproof and the deepest black you have ever seen, but the wand is amazing, separating every lash to perfection. You can pile it on without your lashes looking like spiders. It doesn’t flake from your eye after a long day and it won’t budge even after sobbing watching The Notebook with a bottle of wine.

Celebrity Makeup Artist’s like Patrick Ta, Mario Dedivanovic and Tina Turnbow use this mascara on their clients to give the eye that extra pop. And you want to know the best part about this Mascara? It’s under 10 bucks!!! Actually, online at target its $4.99!!! You can stock up and not break the bank, and I love that!

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. I have a feeling that you will give it 5 stars just like me!

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