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So You Want to be a Model? 5 Things Every Makeup Artist Wants You to Know

The relationship between a Model and a Makeup Artist can be very successful, creating amazing looks that will stand the test of time, but only if the two are willing to work together! As a professional MUA, I have worked with all sorts of models, from young newbies to true pro's. To me, there are 5 things that set apart a professional model from an amateur.

1. Put Down the Cell Phone!

Typically when you are looking at your cell phone, your head becomes tilted down and the cell phone is held up high so you can see better. When this happens, the Makeup Artist cant really see your face to actually do the makeup. And isn't that the whole point of them being there? We can't get a good angle on your eyes, and we are now competing with the cell phone for space. We are literally working around the cell phone to get to your face. Another thing that doesn't work with cell phones is when a model tries to record themselves having their makeup done. This again gets in the way of what the MUA is trying to do and is very distracting for the model. I promise you, that there will be time after the makeup is finished to to take 1,000 selfies and to do 500 boomerangs. When I have worked with true professional models, they come in, sit down and look straight ahead, letting the MUA do their job.

2. Keep your Eyes Closed

This is somewhat tied to cell phone use, but not always. When I am doing a models eyes, like trying to create the perfect liner or applying lashes, I always ask that the model to close her eyes. It really bothers me when they then attempt to shut one eye so they can continue to text or watch a video, or to just look around to see whats happening. This accomplishes nothing. When you close just one eye, it causes the eye to become semi crinkled, creating a bumpy lid surface to work on. The perfect cat eye liner is just not going to happen. I then repeat myself saying in a kind way "go ahead and close both eyes" and nothing changes. It's really frustrating. So when a MUA asks you to close your eyes, its for a good reason, and please shut both.

3. You're the Model, not the Client

Unless you have used your own money to hire a producer, photographer/videographer, stylist, and a full beauty team to create images for your website, IG or blog, you typically don't get to decide what the looks that are being created will be. This isn't meant to be something that is harsh, but its true. I can't tell you how many times I will do a models makeup and at the very end when she looks at it, she wants to change the lipstick color or add more highlight because thats what she feels looks best on her. But thats not how it works. Many times, the look that was created is based on many conversations that took place behind the scenes between producer, photographer and artist. It was created for a very specific reason, to provoke a feeling when you look at the images or video. Now I will say, if you are working on a TFP (trade for pay) shoot, and someone asks you your thoughts on something or if there is anything you would want to change, feel free to speak your mind! Thats what those shoots are there for. But again, only if someone asks you.

4. Don't Talk During Lipstick

This is something that always amazes me, and it doesn't just happen with models. It happens with almost every woman that sits in my chair. It's that time, the time to create the perfect pout that will bring the entire look together. And right as I go to press the lipstick to the lips, the woman starts talking. What?! Why?! Do you not see that I have to create a perfect line and you are basically now creating an earthquake for me to work during. Its not a pretty sight. There are smudges everywhere and jagged edges all over the place. The best thing to do it to just take a pause in the story you are telling or use that moment to breathe. As a model this is the perfect time get yourself in the right mindset for the shoot you are about to do. This will make the application go way faster and will make the MUA love you!

5. Come Prepared

I always appreciate it when a model comes to set with all of her makeup removed and her skin has been exfoliated. A lot of times as soon as the model gets there, the clock starts ticking and there isn't a lot of time. If we then have to sit and remove all of your makeup from the day, especially waterproof mascara, it can cut into the makeup application time. Exfoliating and moisturizing your skin is just an added bonus and is not expected.

A couple other things, not makeup related, but something to think about... Please don't come with 5 day old, unwashed hair. Its really hard for a hairstylist to bring hair back to life when its that gross. I once had to do hair on a model that had come straight from a 3 day music festival and she had been wearing a wig the entire time. I don't think I have ever seen hair so greasy and sweaty in my life. To say that I pulled a miracle on that hair is an understatement!

I would also suggest always coming prepared with a nude strapless bra and nude underwear. You never know when they might throw you in a white skirt and if you're wearing a purple thong it will show right through! Also investing in some basic nude and black heels is a good idea. Sometimes you show up to set and they want you in black heels but they only have size 7 and you're a 9. Also, make sure your nails look nice. Try and keep them polished with a basic gloss or nude/light pink color. You never know when a photographer might want to do a close up beauty shot with hands, and trust me, he does not want to be up all night editing your blue nail polish haha.

Modeling is not easy! You have to be prepared, always "on" and there is a lot of work you have to do beforehand to be ready for a shoot. But the same can be said for a Makeup Artist. We are there to make you look amazing, and we want our work to shine on your beautiful face! I think if everyone brings their A-game, the industry will be a much better place to work in, and we can all be successful together!

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