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**I highly recommend starting your beauty journey with Makeup Bag Makeover before moving onto more advanced lessons. This way we can get you set up for makeup success with the proper products that are customized for YOUR skin type, color, and texture needs. Lets get you started in the right direction so you
can create flawless looks moving forward!**

Are products and techniques you used to use no longer working the way you want? Has your skin texture changed? Are you tired of seeing Youtube videos filled with lessons that don't work for you? Then Ageless Beauty Class is exactly what YOU need!

In Ageless Beauty, we teach you a neutral everyday look that is perfect for the office and just about any occasion. We will help you create a fresh, radiant, youthful look that doesn't go over the top. We will focus on getting you that touchable, even complexion that won't show fine lines and wrinkles or accentuate your skin texture. And isn't that what we all want these days?! 


During Ageless Beauty we will:
  • Create a personalized makeup lesson to ensure you know how to use proper professional makeup techniques for a flawless complexion

  • Teach you how to apply the proper skin care for day and night as well as proper skin prep for an easier makeup application

  • Teach you how to apply foundation and concealer with confidence to look smooth and flawless with minimal effort

  • Teach you how to apply blush colors for a fresh, radiant look that looks like yourself

  • Teach you how to apply lipstick and lip liner using the correct techniques for long wear

  • Help you apply mascara and curl lashes for a wow factor that is guaranteed to impress

After Ageless Beauty you will receive:
  • A customized face chart detailing how and where to apply your products

  • A link to our recorded class for future reference

  • Links to products I recommended for your to make shopping easier

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