As a former TV Casting Director in a past life, I know the difference between the headshot that is going to get you the audition and the one that ends up in the trash. As a Makeup Artist, I use that knowledge to create a look that fits with the kind of characters you go out for and also your best unique look for when you want to be yourself. I would the opportunity to work with you to create something special. It truly brings me joy when I hear that a headshot

I worked on helps someone book a Commercial, TV show or Film! 


In this crazy time of Covid-19, the need to look good on camera is crucial! Especially since more and more Casting Directors are wanting you to audition from home and record yourself. I'm sure you have also been asked countless times to arrive on set "camera ready". Do you know how to accomplish this? Don't you want to know the tips and tricks to help you look amazing on camera?! For the first time ever, I am offering a 1-on-1 Virtual Audition

Ready Makeup Lesson for Actors and Actresses. I'm spilling all my secrets!


During this training, you will learn:

  • How to apply the right skin care before applying makeup so your makeup application is easier, your skin looks smooth, and perfect for the camera.

  • How to apply minimal foundation/concealer to take down redness on the skin

  • How to camouflage blemishes for on camera

  • How to minimize dark circles

  • How to use products that will keep sweat and shine down

  • How to powder your face to keep shine down

  • How to create an overall healthy skin look with minimal makeup that is not heavy


Interested in booking a 1-on-1 Virtual Makeup Lesson with me?

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