As a Cal State Fullerton Alumni with a degree in Radio, TV, Film I love working on set! I find it challenges my skills the most, with every day being something different. I love meeting new

people and getting to create something for others to enjoy. I have worked on multiple different

kinds of sets, from Commercials and TV, to Film and Documentaries. 

Click HERE for my IMDB Page and check out my latest work below!


"Dr. Squatch Natural Deodorant For Men" Director Tom O'Hara- Key Makeup & Hair

"Crossrope #WeJump" Director Tom O'Hara- Key Makeup & Hair

"Torque Detail" Director Tom O'Hara- Key Makeup & Hair

"Shapermint TV" Director Marianne Amelinckx- Key Makeup & Hair

"Coolpad Legacy Sizzle" Director Chris Stempel- Key Makeup & Hair

"Payam LA" Director Nik Petrakis- Key Makeup & Hair


"O'neil Wines: Our Story" Director Robin Chilton- Key Makeup & Hair

Gracie Phillips in "Deux a Garner" Director Patrick Patton- Key Makeup & Hair

"The Church of Kanye" Director Adam Josef- Key Makeup & Hair

"Limbo" Director: Will Blank- Key Makeup & Hair

"Upended"  Director: Tessa Blake- Key Makeup & Hair

"Digital Democracy" Produced By: Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo

"The Black Waters of Echo's Pond" Director: Gabriel Bologna- Makeup

"Framily" Director: Joachim Heden- Key Makeup

"Not Evelyn Cho" Director: Sunday Boling- Makeup

"Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator" Director: John K. Bucher Jr.- Makeup

"The Story of Everything" Director: Ron Singer- Key Makeup


"Please"  Director: Shirley Sui He- Key Makeup & Hair