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1-on-1 Virtual Makeup Lesson, 3hr $250
**Makeup Bag Makeover is required before taking Photo Ready Beauty to ensure
you have the proper products to create your perfect professional look**
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Do you find yourself on camera a lot more these days? Maybe your zoom life is a real thing?  Maybe. you do public speaking? Or maybe you're a newscaster who needs to do it yourself. Or maybe, just maybe, your best friend is getting married and covid has you doing your makeup for the wedding as her bridesmaid. Whatever the case, Photo Ready Beauty if the virtual makeup class for


In Photo Ready Beauty, we cover professional makeup techniques that you need to use so you look gorgeous for photos or videos. You've heard you need to wear more makeup for photos, but that isn't always the case. What you do need is to wear more of the right makeup, and I can teach you how to apply your makeup with confidence in this class.


During Photo Ready Beauty we will:
  • A customized class to teach you how to use your beauty products for photos or video. We customize this class around your needs.

  • Teach you how to apply the right skin care before applying makeup so your makeup application is easier, your skin looks smooth, and perfect for the camera.

  • Teach you how to apply foundation for photos. You need enough for the camera but not so much that you don't look like yourself. 

  • Teach you how to apply enough blush so it will show up in photos.

  • Teach you how to apply concealer and learn how to reapply concealer when you have a busy day and you only have 5 minutes to touch up.

  • Teach you how to apply lipstick and lip liner using the correct professional techniques and so your lips look good but not like you're trying too hard.

  • We will help you customize and apply your entire eye look and, if desired, help you do false lashes.

  • I will also teach you my professional long-wear makeup techniques so you can get back to work and look good doing it.

After DIY Bride will receive:
  • A customized face chart detailing how and where to apply your products

  • A link to our recorded class for future reference

  • Links to products I recommended for your to make shopping easier

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