Ever wanted to pick the brain of a professional Hollywood Makeup Artist? Are you just starting out in your Makeup Artist journey and would love the chance to talk things out with someone that has 12+ years in the industry? Or maybe you are looking to make the leap into a new category of Makeup and aren't sure what to expect! Have questions about products? Lets get into it!


Wherever you're at in your Makeup Artist career, I'm here to help you succeed! 

In this Pick My Brain session, you choose the topics! You can book as many hours as you would like, and no question is off the table. I WISH someone offered this to me when I was first starting out. I felt so lost as a baby MUA. Over the years I have felt a lot of Makeup Artists don't share because they are afraid that someone coming up will steal their ideas. But I don't see it that way! If we can all succeed, our industry will be stronger, which leads us to better jobs and more $$$